Golf Car Sales

At Golf Cars SA we deal exclusively in Yamaha vehicles. Yamaha golf cars are purpose built from the ground up, giving reliability and dependability and years of trouble free operation.

The fact that our customers keep coming back for a new Yamaha is high recommendation in itself. It is also the reason why we can offer both new and used Yamaha golf cars.

New Vehicles

Yamaha offer a large range of vehicles to suit every purpose. From the 'standard' two seater, to the six seat limousine and even utilities and a truck.

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Used Vehicles

For used vehicles, look no further! At Golf Cars SA we always have a range to choose from.

Sorry, if it is a cheapie 'banger' you are looking for, then we can't help you. But, if you want a quality used golf car that will serve you well, then talk to us now. We stake our reputation on every car we sell!

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