G29A 4-Stroke Golf Car

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  • EnduraDrive Transaxle with Internal Disc Brake Technology (motorsports technology)
  • Yamaha –built 357F gasoline engine
  • Largest most comfortable seat in the industry
  • ClimaGuard Top with Dual Gutters
  • HybriCore Chassis, lighter and stronger
  • Automotive-style Dash
  • Tru-Trak II Fully Independent Front Suspension for smooth and responsive handling
  • Sentry Wraparound Protection System
Type: Yamaha-built, low-emission single cylinder 60 degree incline OHV
Displacement: 357 ccm
Transmission: EnduraDrive V-belt automatic forward/reverse transaxle equipped with high-precision helical gears, 11,40:1 drive axle ratio
Fueltank capacity: 25 L
Overall length: 2395 mm
Overall width: 1200 mm
Overall height: 1789 mm / 1189 (without suntop)
Wheelbase: 1640 mm
Ground clearance: 110 mm
Dry weight: 243 kg
Brakes: Maintenance-free internal transaxle disc brake
Frame: HybriCore Chassis features a robotically welded automotive ladder-style frame mated to a polypropylene structural floor. Frame components are protected with a multi-step full-immersion phosphate treament, electro-deposition epoxy-based coating, and an electrostatically appllied polyester/urethane powder top coat
Front body: Custom-formulated thermoplastic olefin, painted with a two-part top coat of high-luster automotive-grade polyurethane
Bumpers: Front & rear 8 km/h energy-absorbing bumpers
Front suspension: Tru-Trak II fully independent automotive-style strut suspension
Rear suspension: Unit swing arm with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers