U-Max Electric Utility Vehicle

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Features and Benefits

Accessory Outlet
The 12 volt DC power outlet is dash mounted for convenience.

Large armrests on both the driver and passenger sides helps the occupants feel more comfortable and secure.

Body Panels
The U-MAX front body is made of a custom formulated, colour-matched thermoplastic olefin, painted with a two-part topcoat of high-lustre, automotive-grade polyurethane.

The rear body is made of Vacuum-formed ABS plastic coated with tough UV resistant Solarkote.

Mechanical, self-adjusting individual drum-shoe brakes on all four wheels allow you to stop and work anywhere.

Brake Pedal
The U-Max features a re-designed brake pedal with the parking brake located in the top-left corner.

Yamaha's energy absorbing bumper releases air upon impact, protecting the body and frame.

Dash Panel
The fully integrated dash boasts cup holders, a forward/reverse switch and two large, easy to clean storage compartments

Easy-Grip Steering Wheel
The thick, textured, easy-grip steering wheel features an integrated notepad clip and pencil holder.

Electric Motor
Yamaha’s powerful and quiet 48-volt high-efficiency, shunt-wound motor features an internal solid-state tachometer and produces 3.8 horsepower.

Floorboard Access Panel
Another Yamaha exclusive, the removable floor access panel allows for quick and easy access to the brake and accelerator components for those rarely needed adjustments.

Yamaha's textured floormats are located on both the floorboard and footrest areas.

Yamaha engineers have minimized welds to provide a seamless tubular ladder-style steel frame, providing optimum strength and rigidity.

Yamaha frames are protected by a eighteen step paint process, which includes an anti-corrosive full immersion phosphate treatment, electro-deposition epoxy-base coating, and an electrostatically applied polyester/urethane powder topcoat.

Genius System™
The technologically advanced Genius System™ allows service technicians to communicate with your vehicle via a wireless infra-red transmission, using a common PDA. This allows diagnostic information to be obtained from the vehicles electrical and battery system and allows the vehicles performance to be adjusted and customized to fit your course or terrains particular needs.

Greaseless Chassis
Yamaha utility vehicles are designed to save you time and money. Higher quality components, such as sealed bearings, automotive grade tie-rods and steering components, never need greasing resulting in a virtually greaseless vehicle.

Headlights & Tail Lights
The U-MAX comes standard with tough tested tail lights and dual 30 watt Krypton multi-reflector style headlights that can be seen on many Yamaha ATV's.

The standard horn is conveniently located within a foot's reach.

Motor Control Unit
Yamaha's advanced, solid-state controller not only ensures smooth starts and reduced energy usage, it also features anti-roll away protection, reduced-speed reverse and has a regenerative braking system that feeds energy back into the batteries and moderates the car's speed on downhill inclines.

Mud Flaps
Standard front and rear mud flaps protect occupants and cargo from mud and water puddles.

Paint Colours
U-Max utility vehicles are available in Forest Green.

Run / Tow Switch
Disables power to the electric motor for storage or towing purposes.

The U-MAX Medium Duty I has comfortable and durable seat cushions made of supple, high-density foam, wrapped in seamless durable fabric-backed vinyl. The cushions are mated to a warp and moisture resistant polypropylene seat bottom.

Tires and Rims
The U-MAX Medium Duty IV has 18 inch tires rated at 4-ply in the front and 6-ply in the rear. Tires are mounted to durable powder coated, gunmetal grey steel rims.

Trailer Hitch
The standard 2 inch receiver accommodates a wide variety of accessories.

U.S. Batteries
The U-Max Medium Duty I electric gets its power from top performing US Batteries. With features like superior output capacity, convenient, easy-to-remove speed caps and a 4 year warranty, it only makes sense that the best golf car in the industry should contain the best battery in the industry.

Utility Dump Bed
With a low 27 inch load height, the hydraulic-assisted tilting utility dump bed has a fold and lock tailgate and is made of tough Roto-Moulded linear Polyethylene. The bed has side slots so you can add stakeside boards.